Investing with BB Biotech

The swiss investment trust BB Biotech invests in companies in the fast growing market of biotechnology and is one of the world's largest investors in this sector with more than 20 years of experience. The shares of BB Biotech are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the Stock Excange in Milan. Its investments are focused on listed companies that are developing and commercializing novel drugs that offer sound value for the healthcare system.

Why invest in the biotech sector?

  • Double-digit market growth thanks to structural trends in healthcare systems
  • Innovative biotech medicine with high margins plus cost savings potential for healthcare systems
  • Increasing industry maturity and a growing number of approved products in the market
  • Attractive valuations of fast growing companies, high level of M&A activity as pharma companies try to navigate around patent cliffs
  • BB Biotech offers diversified access to the biotech market along with more than 20 years of investment experience and a track record of outperformance versus benchmark indices

Why invest with BB Biotech?

Biotech stocks should be included in every diversified portfolio. In the long run, investing in the best companies targeting the right trends for the future is what drives portfolio returns. In order to offset the downside risk inherent with clinical failures, which can be a serious threat for small and mid-sized biotech companies, the largest positions and key performance drivers in BB Biotech's portfolio are biotech companies that are already making a profit and growing fast. A selection of small and mid-cap firms that are on the verge of their first market launch and have bigger triggers (to the upside and downside) rounds out BB Biotech's investments.

Dividend policy

Stocks with high dividend yields are usually found in the more defensive sectors of the stock market that have little upside potential. And then there’s BB Biotech, the investment company that combines fast growth with a hefty dividend yield.

Since 2013 BB Biotech has a structured payout policy in place designed to give shareholders a return of up to 10% p.a. It consists of the following elements: BB Biotech will pay an annual dividend corresponding to a 5% return on the weighted average share price for December of the respective fiscal year.

Besides the attractive dividend yield, BB Biotech is also conducting continuous share buybacks of up to 5% of share capital p.a.

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