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Since our foundation in 1993, we have offered investors direct access to a select portfolio of promising, fast growing and profitable biotech companies listed on stock markets around the world. Thanks to our strong track record over the years and our systematic strategy and clear focus, we have become one of the world’s largest biotech investors.

Biotechnology is one of the most attractive of any sector today with estimated annual growth in the double-digits. Mega trends such as increasing life expectancy and a Westernized diet and lifestyle are powerful growth drivers. These mega trends have led to a tremendous increase in healthcare costs, which, in turn, only amplifies the need for more efficient and effective drugs.

Furthermore, many pharmaceutical giants are confronted with deep cuts in revenue streams as a result of patent expirations. They are now purchasing innovative biotech products in an attempt to replenish product pipelines and have been willing to pay top dollar in these deals.

Meanwhile every second drug approved today stems from the labs of a biotech company and many biotech firms have been reporting strong sales and profit growth. The biotech industry has obviously come of age and reached a certain level of maturity.


SIX Swiss ExchangeValueYTDsince Nov. 1993*
ShareCHF 88.1023.72%3547.98%
Net Asset Value (NAV)CHF 73.609.71%2845.83%
Deutsche BörseValueYTDsince Dec. 1997*
ShareEUR 80.9523.91%2803.94%
Net Asset Value (NAV)EUR 67.408.56%2241.36%
Borsa ItalianaValueYTDsince Oct. 2000*
ShareEUR 81.3023.51%573.30%
Net Asset Value (NAV)EUR 67.408.56%440.47%

*Launch date

Facts & Figures


November 9, 1993,
Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Issue price adj.
November 15,1993

CHF 4.75

Official Listing  

Switzerland: December 27, 1993
Germany: December 10,1997
Italy, October 19, 2000

Share structure

CHF 11.08 mn nominal, 55'400'000 registered shares with a par value of CHF 0.2

Shareholders, free float as at 31/12/20

Institutional and private investors

100% free float 

Security number Switzerland

3 838 999

Security number Germany and Italy




Ticker Bloomberg

Switzerland: BION SW
Germany: BBZA GY
Italy: BB IM

Ticker Reuters

Switzerland: BION.S
Germany: BION.DE
Italy: BIO.MI

Type / asset classInvestment company / equity
Investment approachLong only, long term
Index membershipStar Index, SMIM Index, SPI Index
BenchmarkNasdaq Biotech Index (NBI) TR
Management FeeAll-in-Fee: 1.1% p.a.


Multi-year comparison


Market capitalization at the end of the period (in CHF mn)


Net Asset Value at the end of the period (in CHF mn)


Number of shares (in mn) 1


Trading volume (in CHF mn)


Profit/(loss) in CHF mn


Closing price at the end of the period in CHF 1


Closing price (G) at the end of the period in EUR 1


Closing price (I)  at the end of the period in EUR 1


Stock performance (inc. distributions) 2


High/low share price in CHF 1


High/low share price in EUR1


Premium/(Discount) (annual average)


Cash distribution/dividend in CHF (*proposal) 1


Degree of investment (quarterly figures)


Total Expense Ratio (TER) p.a. 3



1) The five-for-one share split as at March 29, 2016 is accounted for in the previous year's values.
2) All figures in CHF %, total return-methodology
3) based on market capitalization

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