Dividend policy

Stocks with high dividend yields are usually found in the more defensive sectors of the stock market that have little upside potential. And then there’s BB Biotech, the investment company that combines fast growth with a hefty dividend yield.

Since 2013 BB Biotech has a structured payout policy in place designed to give shareholders a return of up to 10% p.a. It consists of the following elements: BB Biotech will pay an annual dividend corresponding to a 5% return on the weighted average share price for December of the respective fiscal year.

Besides the attractive dividend yield, BB Biotech is also conducting continuous share buybacks of up to 5% of share capital p.a.

BB Biotech in the dividend ranking

IndexRanking Biotech*
SMIFirst Quartile
DAXTop 3
Stoxx EuropeTop 100
FTSE 100Top 20 Percent

*Calculations based on share prices at the time the dividend was distributed in 2017