Environmental, Social and Governance factors

«Our investments are focused on areas of unmet medical needs meaning that there are poor or no treatment options available. By investing we contribute specifically to reduce mortality through prevention and treatment and promote mental health and well-being (Sustainable Development target 3.4). Our track record since BB Biotech´s inception in 1993 demonstrates that our investments contribute positively to investors, companies and society at large.» 

Erich Hunziker, Chairman of the Board of Directors

BB Biotech´s focus has always been and remain to invest in the companies in the biotechnology sector. The investments are actively managed and are aimed at creating long-term performance to BB Biotech´s shareholders.

Taking environmental, social and governance elements into consideration is something that directly or indirectly is – and always has been - integral part of BB Biotech´s investment process and assessed in the context of risk and opportunities etc. in the due diligence process of each investment decision.

The most important consideration of drug development is the potential significant positive social impact. The aspiration for biotech companies will be to develop drugs which address unmet medical needs.

All of BB Biotech´s investments are aligned with UN´s Sustainable Development Goal number 3: “Good Health and Well-being. Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages”. BB Biotech´s investments provide companies with capital in order to allow for drug development to ensure and improve healthy lives and well-being. Therapies to address high unmet medical needs such as for patients suffering from rare disorders, cancer, neurological diseases and chronic cardiovascular and metabolic disorders etc. are key investment selection criteria.  

The goal is cure of disease but treatment improvements can make substantial and important positive difference to patients and be a relief to healthcare systems more generally. We have seen that products developed by biotech companies can have the ability to radically change the way a disease is treated. 

Drug development is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world. In order to become a successful biotech company high governance standards will be key.

We are aware that our activities will inevitably have direct or indirect consequences on environmental, social and corporate governance issues and that these consequences are our responsibility.

All of BB Biotech´s investment are systematically reviewed for sustainability risks and breaches of elementary human rights (as defined, for example, by UN Global Compact principles).

BB Biotech and Bellevue Asset Management will be reporting its ESG strategy and results in line with relevant laws and regulations.

We have a clear and transparent ESG policy for our organization and our employees and we are taking environmental, social and governance issues seriously at all levels in the organisation. Our ESG policy also sets standards in regard to equality and the promotion of employee well-being and includes our guiding principles for employee incentive plans.

You can read detailed information about BB Biotech´s ESG strategy and implementation here: